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Lessons from our Newborn

by Rabbi Levi Cunin


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There are certain moments in life that naturally nudge us toward a higher perspective.

With deep gratitude to G-d, my wife and I were blessed, this past Friday, with a newborn baby boy.

Looking into his pure innocent eyes, all sorts of interesting thoughts enter my heart and mind.

What do infants think about all day?

How do they process the new world as it constantly unfolds before them?

What memories do they come here with?

 Many Jews are unaware of the role that reincarnation plays in our lives. The Kabbalah speaks much on this issue and there is good reason for it. We are all here again. Yes, we have all been here before and the purpose for which we came was not  fulfilled in the past, thus the reason for our return. On a rare occasion, it has been revealed to us, who used to be who. The Holy Rabbi Yitzchock Luri, known as the Arizal has revealed many a story regarding the reincarnations of some of our historic leaders. For the most part we are not made aware of who we were. However there is a way to discover some information regarding our past lives. The family we are born to, the atmosphere we live in, the challenges we face, are all tied in to our past experiences.

Someone once asked the Rebbe how he can discover what his specific purpose is. The Rebbe told him to think about the Mitzvah's that he struggles with most. The reason? Because the dark side attacks where it counts most, the items that are needed of us most.

As I look into the eyes of our newborn, I am reminded of the important role that we all play here on earth. The idea of birth is a clear and present reminder of the importance of our return and the tasks before us. I look forward to learning more lessons from our newborn child. May his presence in this world be filled with meaning and purpose and may he bring much light to this world. Looking forward to sharing in each others continued happy occasions.


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