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What is the standard procedure for an Upsherin ceremony?

by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg


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There are no customary prayers to be said at an Upsherin.

The young lad is dressed in Tzitzit and Kipah and everyone, men and women, takes a turn at cutting his hair while leaving peyot. The honor of cutting the first lock of hair is given to a holy person or rabbi. Others have the custom of honoring a Kohen and then a Levite with the first and second snips. Grandparents and parents are next in line, followed by all the invited guests.

Obviously, a Jewish function is not complete unless someone is honored to speak some words of Torah.


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Torah is G–d’s teaching to man. In general terms, we refer to the Five Books of Moses as “The Torah.” But in truth, all Jewish beliefs and laws are part of the Torah.
A descendant of Levi, son of Jacob. The Levites were the teachers and spiritual leaders in the Land of Israel. They had various responsibilities in the Holy Temple, including choir and orchestral duties.
Literally: the fringes which are attached to four cornered garments, as Biblically mandated. Normally this word refers to a t-shirt sized four cornered garment which contains such fringes, and is usually worn beneath the shirt.
(pl. Kipot). The head-covering worn by Jewish males. Serves as a constant reminder of the existence of a Higher Being.
(Yiddish) Haircut. Usually a reference to a boy's first haircut, traditionally done on his third birthday.