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What happens if a ketubah is lost?


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Rabbi Eliezer G: Welcome to the Rabbi's one on one chat room, how can I help you today?

ranger: If someone has lost their Ketubah and would like to have a new one... What date would they use when they have it redone?

ranger: A friend, who's been married 21 years lost their ketubah when moving...they would like to have a new one... Do they need the same witnesses and what date would they use, their original wedding date or the date in which the new ketubah is singed?

Rabbi Eliezer G: the rabbi would of course provide them with the proper ketubah

Rabbi Eliezer G: it is called ketubah deirkita

Rabbi Eliezer G: a ketubah that has been lost

Rabbi Eliezer G: and the text is different from a regular ketubah

Rabbi Eliezer G: the date on which the new ketubah is written is used

Rabbi Eliezer G: and the ketubah states that on this date this woman appeared before us and stated that she was married to this man and had lost her ketubah etc.

ranger: Perfect...Thank you and have a gut Shabbos

Rabbi Eliezer G: welcome

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The wedding contract which features the husband’s various obligations to his wife. The focal point of the document is the financial compensation due to the wife in the event of the marriage’s dissolution through divorce or widowhood.