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Is it ok for a Jewish woman to marry a black Muslim guy?
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Will G-d hate me for marrying a non-Jewish person?

by Rabbi Simcha Bart


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I'm going to marry a nonjew. Will God hate me? --Timothy



If you are about to blow all your money on a worthless ponzi scheme - does your CPA hate you?

If you don't exercise, overeat, and smoke - does your doctor hate you?

If you are about to throw yourself in front of a locomotive - does the engineer hate you?

They all feel pity and sadness for the great loss you are about to suffer.

G-d, the Creator of us all, knows what a great tragedy it is for both parties to an intermarriage.

He feels sadness and pity for those entering in to such a union.

He also knows that you can rise above this challenge and choose not to go through with it - and He looks forward to your making the right choice - both for you and your intended partner.

For more on this sad topic - please follow this link: to our Library section about this.


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