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Can I eat milk together with a food which was cooked in a "meat" oven?
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How do I know if it is Kosher?

by Rabbi Zalman Abraham


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Found a product and you’re not sure if it’s Kosher?

Well, nowadays, verifying if a particular food item is Kosher has been made easy with the invention of Kosher Certifications. Kosher Certification agencies send expert rabbis to inspect plants to make sure all ingredients, machinery, and processes meet Kosher standards. So in most instances, one can tell whether a product is kosher by identifying a trustworthy Kosher symbol on the packaging.

Here is a list of websites of some of the most popular Kosher certifications (sites include lists of certified products):

Click Here for a list of other reliable certifications.

Click Here for a comprehensive list of Kosher products.

Also see “What is Kosher” & “Is "kosher style" good enough -- as long as I don’t mix milk and meat?

Disclaimer: bears no responsibility for the Kashrut standards of aforementioned certifications. AskMoses is not endorsing specific kosher symbols, but is giving the link for informational purposes. Please consult your own Rabbi to know if these products/symbols are Halachically reliable.


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Literally means "fit." Commonly used to describe foods which are permitted by Jewish dietary laws, but is also used to describe religious articles (such as a Torah scroll or Sukkah) which meet the requirements of Jewish law.
Laws of Kosher (Jewish dietary laws).
According to Jewish law.