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What's the purpose of a Mezuzah?

by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg


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The purpose of affixing a Mezuzah is to fulfill a Mitzvah - a Divine Commandment. 

One of the purposes for this Mitzvah is to facilitate other Mitzvahs: As a Mitzvah hanging visibly on our doors the Mezuzah is a constant reminder that our homes and everything therein, belongs to  G-d, and must therefore be used properly.

The Mezuzah also serves as protection for the entire home. On every Mezuzah is inscribed G-d's name, "Shadai," which is an acronym for "Shomer Daltot Yisroel," the Guardian of the doors of Israel.


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(pl. Mitzvot). A commandment from G-d. Mitzvah also means a connection, for a Jew connects with G–d through fulfilling His commandments.
A rolled up scroll containing certain verses from the Torah which is affixed to the right-hand doorpost of doorways in a Jewish home.
It is forbidden to erase or deface the name of G-d. It is therefore customary to insert a dash in middle of G-d's name, allowing us to erase or discard the paper it is written on if necessary.