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How large must a room be in order to require a mezuzah?

by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg


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A room must be sizeable enough to be inhabitable in order to require a Mezuzah. The Halachic determination is that a room which is less than four cubits by four cubits, which equals to 76 x 76 inches, is exempt from a mezuzah.

A walk-in closet is often large enough to require a mezuzah
A room whose width is less than 76 inches, but its length grants the room the sum space of 5776 square inches, is the subject of disagreement between the early halachic authorities. Therefore, such a room should have its own mezuzah, but a blessing is not recited when it is affixed.

A walk-in closet is often large enough to require a mezuzah, so get out your measuring tape and check!


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Posted by: Les, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland on Mar 15, 2006

I have a Jewish friend and I would like to understand more of your customs.

If my friend hires a hotel room or a caravan should she attach a mezuzah to the doorpost?

By the way I think your site is a great place. It is a great resource to further my understanding. Thank you and Shalom.

Editor's Comment

See "How long must I reside in a residence in order for it to require a mezuzah?" (
Pertaining to Jewish Law.
A rolled up scroll containing certain verses from the Torah which is affixed to the right-hand doorpost of doorways in a Jewish home.