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I am a single man, is it ok to accommodate female guests?

by Rabbi Shlomie Chein


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If a woman stops by and needs something, is it more important to obey the commandment of welcoming guests, or should i not let her in since it is forbidden that we be in the same room together alone?


Good question.

Let me rephrase the question so that you may answer it yourself.

It is important to be charitable and share. If a child sees a poor person across the street, is it more important for the child to give the pauper charity, or is it more important for him to remember what is mother told him "never cross the street alone".

When it comes to attraction between genders we are as at risk as a child crossing the street, and our judgment regarding what is "safe" and what is "dangerous" is as unreliable as the child's judgment regarding oncoming traffic.

So think about it objectively, in the analogy of the child, and you will have the answer subjectively, for your case.

In any event, what you can offer your female visitors is gracious hospitality outside your front door. If it's a tissue, bandage, drink, nosh, or to make a call on a cordless phone, you may certainly bring these to them outdoors. You will reap the rewards of doing a kind deed without having to compromise any other laws.

Good luck.


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