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Is a child considered Jewish if his parents were not married under a chupah?


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Rabbi Gurkow: Welcome to the Rabbi's one on one chat room, how can I help you today?

Vanna: Hello, I was wondering what is a child considered if his parents are not married under a Chupah

Rabbi Gurkow: as long as the parents would be permitted to marry each other according to Torah law if they had married under a chupah, the child is considered a Kosher Jew

Vanna: well my parents where not maried under a chupah and i dont think they were married under torahs law but they were both jewish

Vanna: i dont think they could marry under a chupah...

Rabbi Gurkow: why not?

Vanna: they were married in russia were anti semitism was very big i think my father tried to get a chupah but they told him no or something cuz he wasnt circumcised

Rabbi Gurkow: if their concern was that he was not Jewish then you are still a full Jew because your mother is Jewish

Rabbi Gurkow: The only time there is an affect on the child is when the mother and father are both Jewish and they were not permitted to marry because of a relationship between them.

Rabbi Gurkow: or if the father is a kohen and the mother is a divorcee

Rabbi Gurkow: of course when the mother is not Jewish then the child is also not

Vanna: ok well im pretty sure her mother was jewish

Vanna: but i dont think she was a big believer

Rabbi Gurkow: that does not change one's status

Vanna: ok well thank you.

Rabbi Gurkow: you are very welcome

Rabbi Gurkow: have a nice day and a good shabbos

Vanna: good Shabbat

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