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My mum is a non-practicing Jew, am I still Jewish?


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Mrs. Shaffer: can I help you?:)

Rachel: Hi Mrs shaffer

Mrs. Shaffer: hello

Rachel: I was searching the site and couldn't get an answer to my question, so it referred me here.

Mrs. Shaffer: ok...why don't you retype your question? :)

Rachel: My mum is jewish, but not practicing. I am told this means I am jewish. Is that correct?

Mrs. Shaffer: if her mother is Jewish, then she is Jewish, and you are Jewish :)

Mrs. Shaffer: practicing or not...Jewishness is yours :)

Rachel: Even if they know less about judaism than the next guy on the street?

Mrs. Shaffer: yup :)

Mrs. Shaffer: it is who you is your's your soul

Rachel: ok cool :)

Mrs. Shaffer: gotta find out what you need to do about it :)

Mrs. Shaffer: how to BE Jewish :)

Rachel: then assuming I wanted to get married to a Jewish guy for instance....

Rachel: (yes, it's more than just saying oy vey, isn't it? *grin*)

Mrs. Shaffer: indeed it is...much more :)

Mrs. Shaffer: of're Jewish, your children will be Jewish, they need a Jewish father :)

Mrs. Shaffer: tell me a bit about yourself....

Rachel: I am 35, female, live in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rachel: Not religious at all - my dad is (I think) a methodist

Rachel: My mum doesn't have any real beliefs

Rachel: MOST of my friends are Jewish

Rachel: And we were having a discussion the other night where one of the girls is converting orthodox and it has taken her 3 years so far

Rachel: and that got me thinking... that she would go to such lengths to convert to something I am already

Mrs. Shaffer: ah...yes..../

Mrs. Shaffer: 'one of the girls'....a sibling?

Rachel: no, a friend, sorry

Rachel: and I was wondering how that's fair!

Rachel: She knows LOTS more than me about Judaism

Rachel: There are a couple of practical questions I have

Mrs. Shaffer: indeed :)

Mrs. Shaffer: so it's time for you to start crackin' those books :)

Mrs. Shaffer: should do it with people, not books...the learning, that is :)

Rachel: If, for instance I wanted to get married to a Jewish guy, how would I prove I am Jewish?

Mrs. Shaffer: you would prove it by providing information about your lineage...your mother's Jewish, her mother's Jewish...etc...

Rachel: Slowly on the books thing - am only just starting to THINK about it here!!

Rachel: :)

Mrs. Shaffer: keept thinking :)

Mrs. Shaffer: but this is what I'd suggest

Rachel: Ok, cool

Mrs. Shaffer: are you familiar with the xxxxxxxxxxxxx Synagogue in xxxxxxxxxxxx?

Mrs. Shaffer: huge new building....quite beautiful....

Rachel: No, but I could look it up

Rachel: Can I just go to the Synagogue if I wanted to ?

Mrs. Shaffer: give them a call...make an appointment with the rabbi....say that I sent you :)

Rachel: ok

Mrs. Shaffer: no commitments....just answers to all of your questions

Mrs. Shaffer: and good and wise guidance :)

Rachel: But I don't know what I'd SAY to him!

Mrs. Shaffer: like this:

Mrs. Shaffer: "hello, may I please speak to the Rabbi?"

Rachel: *laughing*

Rachel: ok ok

Mrs. Shaffer: when he gets on the phone you say: Good morning Rabbi (or good afternoon)....Mrs. Shaffer at AskMoses sent me...she said you'd help me...

Mrs. Shaffer: and then you take it from there

Mrs. Shaffer: tell him about our conversation

Rachel: thank you. I will

Mrs. Shaffer: you will like him...I guarantee it....

Mrs. Shaffer: and he will be very wise and helpful :)

Rachel: thanks so much for your help and information

Rachel: I really appreciate it

Mrs. Shaffer: you're very welcome

Mrs. Shaffer: please stay in can always reach me here...either live,

Mrs. Shaffer: or via email... My email address is xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx

Rachel: thank you!

Mrs. Shaffer: let me know if I can be of any further help

Rachel: thank you so much.

Rachel: I will

Mrs. Shaffer: :)

Rachel: have a good day/evening :)

Rachel: Bye

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Third of the four Jewish matriarchs. Daughter of Laban, favorite wife of Patriarch Jacob, and mother of Joseph and Benjamin. Died while giving birth to Benjamin in 1557 BCE.