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How do I become a sage?

by Rabbi Shlomo Chein


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I will give you a list from Ethics of our Fathers:

“For one to acquire Torah, he must have the following forty-eight qualities: 

attentive listening,
verbal articulation,
perception of heart,
ministering to Sages,
close association with colleagues,
sharp discussion with students,
[knowledge of] scripture [and of] Mishnah,
a minimum of business activity,
a minimum of preoccupation with worldly matters,
a minimum of indulgence in [worldly] pleasure,
a minimum of sleep,
a minimum of conversation,
a minimum of laughter,
slow to anger,
a good heart,
faith in the Sages,
acceptance of suffering,
knowing his place,
being happy with his lot,
making a fence around his words,
claiming no credit for his achievements,
being loved,
loving G-d,
loving [His] created being,
loving the ways of righteousness,
loving justice,
loving reproof,
keeping far from honor,
not being arrogant with his learning,
not taking pleasure in handing down [Halachic] decisions,
bearing the burden with his fellow,
judging him favorably [and giving him the benefit of the doubt],
establishing him in [the path of] truth,
establishing him in [the way of] peace,
deliberating in his study,
asking and answering,
listening [learning] and adding [to this acquired knowledge],
learning in order to teach,
learning in order to practice,
increasing the wisdom of his teacher,
properly understanding the intent of what he learns,
and saying a thing in the name of its author.”

Bearing the burden with his fellow, judging him favorably [and giving him the benefit of the doubt], establishing him in [the path of] truth
Some of these qualities may not apply to you at the moment, and you might feel that others are currently beyond your reach. Don’t worry. It is a growing process. Begin with what is relevant and with what you can do. If you are consistent and determined, you will continue to grow until you achieve “sagehood.”


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