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My physical needs conflict with my spiritual needs; How do I reconcile the two?

by Rabbi Shlomo Chein


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Regarding the physical health and wellbeing of your body, my suggestion is to consult with a physician and/or nutritionist.

Regarding the balance of body and soul my suggestion is to remember that G-d created both body and soul, and designed them to live together. As personal creations of His, G-d values your soul as well as your body. You should too.

As personal creations of His, G-d values your soul as well as your body. You should too
The objective is that the body should be healthy enough for the soul to function properly, and the soul should be spiritually active enough to elevate and spiritually refine the body, through using it to fulfill G-d’s commandments – most of which require a physical body.

When this is accomplished you have a healthy body and a healthy soul, which together make a healthy person; a person whom G-d admires.


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