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How To Make A Fortune

by Mrs. Shifra Hendrie


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You Can Never Get Enough of what You Don't Really Want

Life keeps getting faster and faster. More and more, we spend our time trying to make things happen, fitting more into each minute than ever before. But somehow, we are neither satisfied nor fulfilled. Why? Because the things we’re running after so fervently are in most cases not the things we really want.

And, if what you go after is not what you really, truly want, it will never satisfy you. You will always be left wanting more.

In fact, you can never get enough of what you don’t really want.

Cookies Versus Apples

Here’s an example: When you crave cookies and eat one, more often than not your craving won’t be satisfied. In fact, sometimes eating one cookie actually makes your craving stronger.

In contrast, when you crave a juicy red apple and eat it you almost never need to eat another one. The first apple hits the spot.

That’s because what draws you to the apple is a craving for things that actually can be found in an apple. Things like vitamins, fiber and healthy sweet energy – the very things that are abundant in a fresh, juicy fruit.

There's nothing wrong with fame and fortune - like there's nothing wrong with cookies - as long as you aren't using those things to satisfy a craving for something else
But, in many cases, the craving that draws you to a cookie can’t be satisfied by a cookie. Or even more than one.

There’s nothing much that your body wants in a cookie. So when you crave that cookie it’s probably not really a physical craving. What you want is more likely a “soul food’; i.e. something emotional or even spiritual. You might, for example, be craving the experience of sweetness, goodness, pleasure, connection, abundance, a sense of security or comfort.

If you associate cookies with those feelings you’ll keep going for the cookies. But unfortunately, no matter how many cookies you eat, your craving will never be satisfied

In fact, rather than making you satisfied and fulfilled, most of the time giving yourself a lot of what you don’t really want does the very opposite – it makes your craving even bigger. This is true whether we’re talking about cookies, booze, money, ‘toys’, a bigger house, or a more exciting relationship.

That’s why, sometimes, the people who have the biggest share of the things we are all striving for - things like money, success and adulation – end up on drugs.

That’s because money, success and adulation are not what they really want. They really want the happiness, pride, love, connection, purpose, beauty, fulfillment and appreciation that they associate with those things.

There’s nothing wrong with fame and fortune – like there’s nothing wrong with cookies – as long as you aren’t using those things to satisfy a craving for something else.

Cravings and Addiction

In fact, this is one definition of addiction – the insatiable need to satisfy a deeply rooted craving with something that simply can’t satisfy it.

When your craving for something is healthy, indulging that craving will not only satisfy you, it will allow you to be more present in your life. Enjoying a gourmet meal, an evening by the beach, a passionate connection with another person, or a glass of good wine can all enhance your sense of joy and aliveness.


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