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Conversion out of love for a fiance.


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Mrs. Shaffer: can I help you?:)

Gabi: Hi, I am Jewish and in love with a Moslem. He is willing to convert to Judaism. Would he be able to?

Mrs. Shaffer: he is ready to convert to Judaism for love of you?

Gabi: yes, he is, but i am afraid the rabbis will not believe him because he's an arab

Mrs. Shaffer: rabbis are not bigoted

Mrs. Shaffer: but, if he is so in love that he is ready to change his religion to yours then he should be told that this is not the path to a valid conversion

Mrs. Shaffer: this is something you have to know...the rabbis likely not want to hear of a conversion that's based on love for another person

Mrs. Shaffer: unlike other religions where it's ok to simply say you'll do what the religion requires, Judaism requires that the relationship of a person to Judaism is solely about his connection to G-d... not about any other person

Gabi: but I want to be with him

Gabi: why is our religion so narrowminded? I am sure that G-D isn't of the same opinion

Mrs. Shaffer: our religion is narrowminded?

Gabi: yes!

Mrs. Shaffer: interesting thing you should say...

Mrs. Shaffer: after thousands of years of human history, ours is the only religion that allowed all people to serve G-d as they pleased

Mrs. Shaffer: we didn't do mass murders in order to get others to convert o Judaism

Mrs. Shaffer: nor did we ever say that being Jewish is the only way to Heaven

Mrs. Shaffer: what we say is that for a Jew, Judaism is the path to connection with G-d

Mrs. Shaffer: and if someone's not Jewish, there is no reason or desire on the part of Judaism that they convert to Judaism

Mrs. Shaffer: in fact, it's very much discouraged

Mrs. Shaffer: so what about Judaism makes it 'narrowminded'??

Gabi: not being able to marry the person one loves.

Mrs. Shaffer: oh... it's because it says that what you, Gabi, wants is not allowed?

Mrs. Shaffer: let me ask ou something:

Mrs. Shaffer: what if you found out that by some quirk of fate your beloved is actually your brother?

Mrs. Shaffer: would you be saying Judaism is narrowminded because you can't marry the prerson you love??

Mrs. Shaffer: what if my daughter said to me that there's no one she loves more than her brother

Mrs. Shaffer: would that constitute 'narrowmindedness' on the part of Judaism -- that incest is forbidden?

Gabi: no, because that's an ethical issue

Mrs. Shaffer: and this ethical issue is derived from....?

Gabi: i guess the Torah

Mrs. Shaffer: so....the 'narrowminded' religion that has informed the entire civilized (and even uncivilized) world of ethical issues....

Mrs. Shaffer: :)

Mrs. Shaffer: valid conversion to Judiasm must be based solely on the person's desire to convert regardless of anyone else

Gabi: how can I convince him that Judaism is the only true religion for him as he is not religious at all

Mrs. Shaffer: you can't convince him of's not true! 

[Ed. note: see also If intermarriage is not desirable why can't my fiance convert simply and quickly? and "Why should I choose an Orthodox conversion?"]

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