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How do you tell a person who thinks she's Jewish, that she isn't?


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Tzippy: I have friends who are getting married (to each other), but I just learned from the groom's best friend that his fiance's mother was adopted, and no conversion, so I assume this is a problem. How do you tell a person who thinks her whole life that she is Jewish that she isn't?

Rabbi Kantor: Does the fiance know that she's not Jewish?

Tzippy: Well, although she is not religious, she does have a degree in Jewish Studies, so I would think so, but I really don't KNOW...and I don't know if it is right for me to open my mouth.

Rabbi Kantor: Quite a common dilemma.

Tzippy: Tzippy: So do I say anything, and if so, what?

Rabbi Kantor: Are you sure that they aren't Jewish? And does the boy know?

Tzippy: I am not sure of anything except that two people close to them told me her mom was adopted. Even so she COULD have been adopted from a Jewish birth mother-but who knows?

Rabbi Kantor: She could have been converted right after adoption, which is common, and then reaffirmed at 12. The rabbi must certainly know.

Tzippy: They were discussing having an Orthodox rabbi marry them, but obviously that won't happen now.

Rabbi Kantor: Why not?

Tzippy: Because the rabbi will ask questions about their families-and as soon as he does, how can he marry them?

Rabbi Kantor: Maybe he can help her through a conversion. This would be advisable especially if she grew up thinking herself as Jewish. So here's my advice: Don't say anything, but do try to steer them in the direction of an Orthodox rabbi, and inform him of the situation. He will handle matters tactfully and professionally.

Tzippy: OK, thanks.

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