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Is vodka or hard liquor Kosher for Passover?

by Rabbi Herschel Finman


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The vast majority of the popular brands of liquor, whiskey, and vodka are produced from grains, and are 100% Chametz.

Furthermore, though it is true that many types of vodka are made from potatoes, grapes, or even milk and would contain no chametz ingredients, nonetheless without proper rabbinic supervision one cannot assume that liquor of any kind is Kosher for Passover. The plants in which these liquors are made may make other grain based products which would render these liquors not kosher for Passover.

One cannot assume that liquor of any kind is kosher without proper rabbinic supervision
There are several kosher for Passover liquors including: Carmel Vodka, some brands of Slivovitz (plum brandy) and some Italian liqueurs.


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Any leavened product which is produced from wheat, barley, rye, spelt or oats. This includes bread, cake, cereals, crackers, biscuits, yeast, pasta and whisky. It is forbidden for a Jew to possess or consume Chametz throughout Passover.
A Biblically mandated early-spring festival celebrating the Jewish exodus from Egypt in the year 1312 BCE.
Literally means "fit." Commonly used to describe foods which are permitted by Jewish dietary laws, but is also used to describe religious articles (such as a Torah scroll or Sukkah) which meet the requirements of Jewish law.