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Why do we dip a finger into the leftover havdalah wine and dab it over the eyes?

by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg


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King David writes (Psalms 19:9) "the command of the Lord is clear, enlightening the eyes". With the onset of the new week we demonstrate that even the leftovers of a Mitzvah maks the eyes bright.


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(pl. Mitzvot). A commandment from G-d. Mitzvah also means a connection, for a Jew connects with G–d through fulfilling His commandments.
King of Israel who succeeded Saul, becoming king of Israel in 876 BCE. Originally a shepherd, he became popular after he killed the Philistine strongman, Goliath. He is the progenitor of the Davidic royal dynasty -- which will return to the throne with the arrival of King Messiah.
The Book of Psalms. One of the 24 books of the Bible. Compiled by King David; mostly comprised of poetic praise for G-d. A large part of our prayers are culled from this book.