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Is a person allowed to make kiddush on beer or other beverages?

by Rabbi Moshe Miller


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In this issue, there is a difference between the nighttime and daytime Kiddush.

It is always preferable to make kiddush on wine or grape juice. However, if there is no wine or grape juice available, or the person is allergic to wine or grape juice, at night one should make kiddush on Challah, whereas by day a person is allowed to make kiddush on cheimar hamedina -- the local beverage (excluding water).


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The difference between night and day?

Posted by: Anonymous on May 05, 2006

And why is it only acceptable to use a local beverage during the day? Or is it because the night is the beginning of Shabbos, and it's a difference between first sanctification and second versus night and day?

Editor's Comment

Correct. The Biblical obligation to recite the kiddush is only when the Sabbath enters--on Friday Night. The Saturday Day kiddush is a rabbinic decree.
Prayer recited at the beginning of the Sabbath or Holiday meal--both the evening and afternoon meals. This prayer, acknowledging the sanctity of the day, is recited over a cup of wine or grape juice.
A loaf of bread. Usually refers to: 1) The section of dough separated and given to the priest (today that section is burnt). 2) The sweetened, soft bread customarily consumed at the Sabbath meals.