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Can parents send a messenger to the synagogue to name their daughter?


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Rabbi Jacobson: Welcome to askmoses. How can I be of help today?

Boaz: My sister just had a baby girl last night. In terms of a baby naming, who can do it?

Rabbi Jacobson: mazal tov

Boaz: Thank you.

Rabbi Jacobson: the parents decide the name

Rabbi Jacobson: the father then goes to Shul and names the baby at the Torah reading ceremony

Boaz: Does the father have to go to shul to do it? I know there is a Torah reading tomorrow (Monday), but I doubt he will be able to make it.

Boaz: Can the grandfather, or even me go to shul and name the child?

Rabbi Jacobson: if the father cannot make it, he can call the rabbi, send the grandfather, or he can ask you to do the honors on his behalf

Boaz: Thank you for your help in this matter.

Rabbi Jacobson: no problem. Have a fabulous day. G-d bless you

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Life Cycle » Circumcision » Jewish names

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