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I'm a Jewish girl and I want to marry a black guy...


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Mrs. Shaffer: can I help you?:)

Nina: hi

Mrs. Shaffer: hi :)

Nina: i have a really important issue to talk about

Mrs. Shaffer: ok

Nina: im a jewish girl, dating a goy [Ed. note: non-Jew]

Nina: hes black

Nina: i know its not accepted, and its causing a lot of conflict between me and my parents

Mrs. Shaffer: I imagine it must be

Nina: they tell me they don't accept him but im deaply in love with him

Mrs. Shaffer: how old are you?

Nina: 21

Nina: i just wish everybody could get along

Nina: and im having trouble with that because of his color

Mrs. Shaffer: it's because of his color??

Mrs. Shaffer: or because he's not Jewish?

Nina: his color

Mrs. Shaffer: then you're dealing with racism

Nina: because he would have no trouble converting

Mrs. Shaffer: but that's not the real issue

Mrs. Shaffer: he's willing ot take on all the responsibilities of being Jewish?

Mrs. Shaffer: Shabbat, Yom Tov, Kashrut, Tefillin....?

Nina: yes

Mrs. Shaffer: etc...etc...

Mrs. Shaffer: with or without you?

Nina: yes

Nina: i think they r very close minded

Mrs. Shaffer: I don't know what to tell you about that

Mrs. Shaffer: Judaism doesn't recognize color, the real issue is that you're Jewish and he's not

Nina: exactly

Mrs. Shaffer: and this is huge...huge....and crucial to your life

Nina: its killing me inside

Nina: my mother just arrived but she would never accept... she needs explanations about this

Nina: is it that bad to be in this relationship?

Nina: what is the best way to approach this topic?

Mrs. Shaffer: speak to a rabbi

Mrs. Shaffer: speak to someone whom you respect

Nina: because i dont want to be disrespectfull toward my parents

Mrs. Shaffer: have you someone you can talk to? have you been discussing this with anyone?

Mrs. Shaffer: or are you dealing with this alone?

Nina: mostly alone, ive tried contacting the rabbi that was my teacher back in high school but i have no response yet

Mrs. Shaffer: tell me a bit about yourself...ok? :)

Nina: ok, what would u like to know?

Nina: i grew up in a modern semi-religious family

Mrs. Shaffer: ok...

Mrs. Shaffer: schooling...?

Nina: i was always around different nationalities

Nina: went to a jewish school for the most part but currently in university

Nina: i guess i just have more of an open mind

Nina: but now that my relationship with this man is serious, and because he's black makes it difficult

Nina: i believe its more a matter of color than anything else, and i just dont see it that way

Mrs. Shaffer: your'e right about that

Mrs. Shaffer: color isn't the issue at all

Mrs. Shaffer: not in any even remote way....except for hate issues of bigotry which are antithetical to Judaism :)

Mrs. Shaffer: but a very, very large issue is his being not Jewish :)

Nina: does it make me less of a jew because my boyfriend is black??

Mrs. Shaffer: so this is really what you have to give a great deal of thought to

Mrs. Shaffer: what city are you in? :)

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