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What's the best way to deal with parents who hate their Judaism?


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Rabbi Shlomo Chein: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment...what's on your mind?

i_gotta_problem: self-hating jewish parents...

Rabbi Shlomo Chein: ok

i_gotta_problem: whats the best way to deal with parents who hate their judaism (they are in their 80's and felt this way all their lives

Rabbi Shlomo Chein: live a good jewish life, a happy jewish life, a kind Jewish life, a respectful Jewish life - when they see a positive example of Judaism they will ultimately like it

Rabbi Shlomo Chein: under no circumstances should you discuss Judaism with them, or argue with them

Rabbi Shlomo Chein: they probably had a bad experience with it and therefore don't like it. No words will change it! Only a good experience with Judaism will change it!

i_gotta_problem: i would like to change their thinking because i want their grandchild, who is now a tolddler, and i want him to be close to them

i_gotta_problem: my son, (their grandson) is going to a religoius school and it causes problems, such as people call him by his hebrew name, which anoys them

Rabbi Shlomo Chein: i understand.

Rabbi Shlomo Chein: again, the solution to this is as said above. No arguments, no convincing. Only good living examples.

Rabbi Shlomo Chein: The more respect and kindness you show them, the more they will like judaism. The more arguments you have with them about it, the more they will dislike it

Rabbi Shlomo Chein: i must go now you can continue chatting with another scholar online

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