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Does sheva brachot last for a full week?

by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg


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The first day of the sheva Brachot week is not always 24 hours, for the day of the Chupah is considered the full first day, even if the chupah was held shortly before the end of the day.

Bear in mind that the Halachic day begins and ends with nightfall (much as Shabbat and Jewish holidays begin and conclude at that time). Thus, if the chupah was held, for example, on Tuesday evening before nightfall, the sheva brachot week concludes at nightfall of the following Monday. If, however, the chupah was delayed until after dark, the sheva brachot continues until the following Tuesday night.


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(pl: Shabbatot). Hebrew word meaning "rest." It is a Biblical commandment to sanctify and rest on Saturday, the seventh day of the week. This commemorates the fact that after creating the world in six days, G-d rested on the seventh.
Pertaining to Jewish Law.
(Plural form of "bracha.") Blessings. A Jew is required to recite a bracha before gaining any sort of benefit or pleasure such as eating or drinking (and usually afterwards as well); or before fulfilling a Mitzvah (commandment).
Wedding canopy. Under this canopy, the groom betroths the bride with the customary ring, and the traditional marriage benedictions are recited.
sheva brachot
1. The seven benedictions recited in honor of a bride and groom beneath the wedding canopy and at subsequent celebrations. 2. The celebratory week following a wedding (during which time the aforementioned blessings are recited.)