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What should I know before I go shopping for a wedding band?

by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg


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Here are a few tips:

1) The wedding band must belong exclusively to the groom—it is his gift to his bride. Often times, the parents of the groom (or bride) purchase the band. In such an instance it must be ascertained that the band was given to the groom as an unconditional gift before the Chupah.

According to kabbalah and Jewish tradition, the wedding band should be pure gold and totally unadorned
2) According to Kabbalah and Jewish tradition, the wedding band should be pure gold and totally unadorned. It should not be set with a stone nor should it contain any inscription. (A diamond ring can be given to the bride later, in the yichud room.)

3) The bride must not give the groom a ring beneath the chupah. If they so wish, this may be done at a later time. (See "Is a 'double ring' wedding ceremony okay?")


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Jewish mysticism. The word Kaballah means "reception," for we cannot physically perceive the Divine, we merely study the mystical truths which were transmitted to us by G-d Himself through His righteous servants.
Wedding canopy. Under this canopy, the groom betroths the bride with the customary ring, and the traditional marriage benedictions are recited.