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Why do we incorporate wine in the wedding ceremony?

by Rabbi Aaron Moss


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Wine has a very unique property. Generally, anything physical becomes weaker as time goes on. Food decomposes, buildings crumble, clothes wear out. The one exception is wine.

Wine, although physical, actually improves with age. This indicates that wine has a spiritual element to it, because the body dies, while the soul lives on forever. We use wine in our ceremonies, especially a wedding, to introduce this higher spiritual element into our lives.

The message to the bride and groom is that it is hard to keep the passion alive in a marriage based on superficial, skin-deep attraction. We all get old, we wither and we lose our youthful beauty. But our spirit doesn't wither; it gets stronger as we get older. If you love each other for what lies beneath the surface, for the spiritual connection you share, then like the wine, your passion for each other will only grow as time goes on.

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