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With so many alternatives out there, why marry?

by Rabbi Avrohom Trugman


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We live in a world of the fast lane, of immediate gratification and the communications revolution. We are bombarded 24/7 with media, stimulus and breaking news. We can be bi-sexual, gay, transsexual, all the above or just live with someone, go bar hopping or have an illicit affair now and again. So with all of this who wants to take the time, the effort or make a commitment for a life time to one person?

Therefore, one would think with all these other choices available that the world should be a happier, more content place. Yet does anyone really believe this in fact is the result of all the options we now have in sexuality and relationships? In fact, quite the opposite is true. More and more people are lonely, frustrated, emotionally confused and jaded than ever. In a situation where we are raised to put ourselves first and to experience life as a constant shopping mall, building a relationship based on shared goals and spiritual foundations must seem tedious and boring. Yet marriage and family still holds the best hope for individuals to balance and harmonize all their emotional, intellectual and psychological needs. Sexuality is not a replacement for love and no one can be happy for long without true love and the bonds of family.

One of the reasons marriage is less popular is due to the erroneous idea that sexuality with one partner is less exciting. Despite what many people think Judaism encourages a healthy sexual life and in fact the unique laws of Family Purity actually keep the flames of healthy passion alive and burning way after the initial desire of an affair burn out. For commitment, love, family and children last an eternity while the alternatives lead us down a temporal road into the sunset.


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Family Purity
Laws relating to intimacy between husband and wife. The primary point of Family Purity is the woman's purifying immersion in a ritual bath which allows the couple to resume intimate relations after the woman's menstrual period.