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Why do Friday Night Shabbat meals consist of soup, chicken and kugel?
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What is the reason for giving packets of sugar and garlic to those present at a Pidyon Haben?

by Rabbi Simcha Bart


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It is considered a big zechut (privilege) to partake of the meal celebrating a Pidyon Haben. Food served at this meal has the ability to bring atonement for sins (when accompanied by proper Teshuvah).

Perhaps, then, this is the reason why we place around the baby, and then distribute to all present, food items that can “go a long way” by adding flavor to other foods. The guests take the sugar and garlic home with them, and whoever partakes of a dish which was flavored by one of these, is considered to have taken part in the Pidyon Haben repast.


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Life Cycle » Pidyon Haben

Repentance. Or, more literally, "return" to G-d. Teshuvah involves regretting the past and making a firm resolution not to repeat the offense.
Pidyon Haben
Literally: "Redemption of the Son." Firstborn sons born to an Israelite father and mother must be redeemed on the 31st day after birth. At this ceremony, the father gives the equivalent if five silver shekels to a Priest.