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Can you put life in context?

by Rabbi Shlomo Chein


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Please give me a satisfactory reason and meaning for life. When I say “meaning,” I don’t mean finding a meaningful project to occupy my time with—I mean finding a meaning and purpose in life itself. Why did it begin, where is it supposed to be heading, what is it, etc.?

Well, I know it began because of parents’  love for one another. Where is it supposed to be heading? I’m not sure. I hope towards a happy and fulfilled future. Beyond that, I don’t know.


It is true your life began because of your parents.

But it is not the whole truth.

After all many parents try many times to have children and they can’t. Many eggs are never fertilized, many embryos never become fetuses, and many fetuses never develop into babies.

There is a master plan we are involved in. we don’t realize that all of the past, present, and future is watching our every move to see if we go along with the script to perfect the picture, or...
There must be a reason then why this particular egg became an embryo that developed into a fetus that turned into a baby: You.

It is also not the whole truth because where did your parents come from?

A friend of mine who lived in Florida once came to visit me when I lived in New York. When I asked him how he got here he said he took a taxi. I said, “you took a taxi all the way from Florida?!” He said, “No, I took a taxi from the airport!”

It was indeed true that he got “here” with a taxi. But that wasn’t nearly the whole truth; it was merely the last stage of a much larger journey.

“Our parents” answers how we got here—the latest stage of the journey. But it doesn’t answer where it originated from, or more importantly why are we – as humans – here in the first place.

And the answer to that can be found in a very wise statement in the Talmud: “There are three partners in the creation of a child—the father, the mother, and G-d.”

G-d created the world and He has a purpose for it. He has a huge complex script written out for every place in space and every moment in time. He puts us in the picture when it is time for our scene.


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thank you

Posted by: Chavah, NY on Oct 18, 2006

This was a beautiful, meaningful article

Thank you!


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