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17: Is it possible to make Kosher a George Foreman grill?


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Rabbi Yosef Loschak: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment...what's on your mind

17: is it possible to Kasher [Ed. note: make Kosher] a george foreman [which had been previously used to grill non-kosher foods]?

Rabbi Yosef Loschak: Not to my knowledge

Rabbi Yosef Loschak: the grill is teflon, and teflon cannot be made kosher

17: fire cannot Kasher teflon?

Rabbi Yosef Loschak: correct, teflon cannot be made kosher

17: is it possible to remove the teflon and then Kasher the metal and reapply the teflon?

Rabbi Yosef Loschak: If that were possible, I guess so. I just have never seen that done

17: ok, thanks

17: bye, Moshiach Now!

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Literally means "fit." Commonly used to describe foods which are permitted by Jewish dietary laws, but is also used to describe religious articles (such as a Torah scroll or Sukkah) which meet the requirements of Jewish law.