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Found a blood spot in an egg, is the bowl still Kosher?


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Rabbi Yossi T: Bienvenidos Welcome. Un minuto ya lo atiendo. I'll be with you in a moment...

Yehudit: Hello, my name is yehudit.

Rabbi Yossi T: hi

Yehudit: hi.

Yehudit: I was just cracking an egg into a bowl to check for blood spots, and oh man, did I find one. My question is this--is my bowl now treif since it came into contact with an unacceptable egg?

Rabbi Yossi T: no

Rabbi Yossi T: just spill it out

Rabbi Yossi T: and rinse it out

Rabbi Yossi T: in cold water

Yehudit: ok. that sounds easy

Yehudit: great! Thanks a lot.

Also see What is the Halachah regarding blood-spots found in eggs? & I found a blemish on my egg -- is it Kosher?

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