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Why do Jewish woman have strict dress codes?


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Mrs. Shaffer: can I help you?:)

Dina: I have some questions on the role of women in judiasm..

Mrs. Shaffer: ok

Dina: it seems like women are often segregated and viewed as sex objects in orthodoxy

Dina: for instance, the dress code..

Dina: (and I don't mean this to be offensive)

Mrs. Shaffer: don't worry :)

Mrs. Shaffer: what is your question?

Dina: it seems like women have to be covered from head to toe as not to provoke men's desire

Dina: but it doesn't work the other way around

Mrs. Shaffer: lol

Mrs. Shaffer: you've got to be kidding!

Mrs. Shaffer: you're saying the dress code for Jewish women....i.e. being dressed....defines them as sex opposed to our society's view of women?

Mrs. Shaffer: as seen on billboards???

Mrs. Shaffer: and all kinds of ads????

Mrs. Shaffer: c'mon...!

Mrs. Shaffer: western society uses women's bodies to sell everything from cars to cigarettes to sleaze and more

Mrs. Shaffer: and you're using the Halachic dress code to say women are viewed as sex objects???

Mrs. Shaffer: as for it not working the other way around...that's right

Mrs. Shaffer: it doesn't

Mrs. Shaffer: have you not noticed?...women and men are different

Dina: I suppose that was a poor choice of words, and I''m not saying that's how the orthodox see it today, maybe it's just a tradition, but originally...

Mrs. Shaffer: originally women were never, ever objects

Mrs. Shaffer: of any kind

Mrs. Shaffer: not objects of men's desires

Mrs. Shaffer: or objects of men's convenience

Mrs. Shaffer: there are strict rules and laws in Jewish life regarding t his

Dina: I'm not saying it's becoming for a women to walk in the streets in a mini skirt and sleezy top, but jeans and a shortsleeve shirt?

Dina: I've seen hassidic women in the middle of the summer in long dresses, long sleeves and stockings

Mrs. Shaffer: yes

Mrs. Shaffer: have yous een the Queen of England in the middle of the summer?

Mrs. Shaffer: :)

Mrs. Shaffer: I doubt anyone's ever seen her in tank top and jeans

Mrs. Shaffer: :)

Dina: can't say that i have:)

Mrs. Shaffer: you understand that there's a concept of 'becoming' or 'unbecoming' for a woman

Dina: and I'm not asking about fashion

Mrs. Shaffer: you'd just like to reformulate the defintion :)

Dina: princess diana for instance was a fashionable dresser though

Mrs. Shaffer: yes...she was

Mrs. Shaffer: and do you recall a huge scandal when she appeared at a ball in Europe?

Mrs. Shaffer: front page news on all the major newspapers of the world....

Mrs. Shaffer: with a picture of her in a gown that was just a wee bit decollote...

Mrs. Shaffer: although much more 'modest' than many gowns in that ballroom that night

Mrs. Shaffer: remember that??

Mrs. Shaffer: :)

Dina: yes

Mrs. Shaffer: she wasn't exactly sleazy

Mrs. Shaffer: and yet the palace was terribly embarassed

Mrs. Shaffer: and in fact the whole world thought it shocking

Mrs. Shaffer: :)

Mrs. Shaffer: so, the thing is this

Mrs. Shaffer: as a Jewish woman....I cover my body...most of my body...even during heat waves

Mrs. Shaffer: I wear clothes with a top, bottom, front and back

Mrs. Shaffer: as for fashion, personal comfort, personal taste....that's my own

Mrs. Shaffer: I can dress in a burkah if I like or in Indian cotton shirts and linen skirts

Mrs. Shaffer: but...regardless of weather or culture my body is not for public exposure

Mrs. Shaffer: in addition...there is a certain obligation as a Jewish woman to look dignified

Mrs. Shaffer: for the same reason that Diana often created raised eyebrows...not because what she wore or did was inherently shocking...but she was a princess...and therefore held to a higher standard

Dina: good point

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