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How can I explain modesty to my friends?


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Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: can I help you?:)

confused: How can I explan modesty to my friends without looking like I live in a bubble?

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: what do you mean?

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: your friends don't understand self respect? dignity? privacy?

confused: My friends aren't jewish they don't understand the restrictions and when I try to tell them it never comes out right

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: it's not about restrictions

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: it's about personal dignity and self-respect

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: let me ask you this: if your friends were invited to the White House for a formal dinner...would they be restricted in what they'd wear?

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: they'd understand perfectly that there is a dress code, right?

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: for a formal dinner...

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: they'd not even think of showing up in jeans and tank top

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: yes?

confused: that's true

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: much for 'restrictions' :)

confused: :)

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: as for being modest....tell your friends to look at the most powerful women in the world today..the most accomplished

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: Margaret Thatcher

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: Condoliza Rice

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: how're they dressed?

confused: I'm guessing digified, sorry I don't no who they are but I will find out

confused: :)

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: do...:)

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: so....what we do that women who are accomplilshed and important and powerful....and have a strong sense of their own dignity....they dress modestly

confused: I just get stuck because If I say something like that I'm afriad it will be offencive to them because if their not dressed the way i am it's like saying their not modest

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: dont' be critical or judbmental

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: just make the point

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: tell them to look at important deans....orchestra conductors....scientists and lecturers and historians

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: and women in politics

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: and look at how they're dressed

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: at least in public :)

confused: I'm a bit confussed myself why do we dress this way I mean I understand that it is dignifed but I guess I don't understand what being dignifed is maybe that is why I'm having such a hard time. I mean yes women in important positions do dress modestly maybe it is because they want to be taken seriously is that right

confused: and as a jew we have a certain way we see things as being modest is that right?

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: exactly

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: being taken seriously....and being viewed with respect

confused: ok good thank you :):)thank you very much

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