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Is masturbation a sin for women?


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Mrs. Shaffer: can I help you?:)

Fiona: is this a real person or an automated service?

Mrs. Shaffer: real live person :)

Fiona: oh

Fiona: but u dont know who i am, right?

Mrs. Shaffer: no way for me to know :)

Fiona: k, so can i ask you, (very embarassing question), is masturbation also a sin for women? and if it why? (cuz I understand the reason for men but that wouldn't apply to us...)

Mrs. Shaffer: it's not the same prohibition as it is for men....

Mrs. Shaffer: but it is nonetheless forbidden

Mrs. Shaffer: the reason is that it is an immodest behavior, and this feeling...this pleasure....this is somethng that's meant to be shared

Mrs. Shaffer: it's not meant to be a solitary pleasure....G-d created us so that we would have this pleasure in our relationships

Mrs. Shaffer: this is why, even though we sometimes have the urge... we need to reserve the feeling for when we can share it with our life partner in the sacred context of matrimony

Mrs. Shaffer: then it becomes the awesome pleasure that it's meant to be :)

Fiona: wow. thats a really nice explanation. thanks!

Mrs. Shaffer: you're welcome :)

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