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Aren’t there too many restrictions on male/female interaction?

by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman


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Look, it works. The other way doesn’t work. So you want to fix something that works by applying aspects of a system that doesn’t work?


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hm...not so sure

Posted by: Anonymous, austin, texas on Feb 07, 2005

I am not so sure that the system of restriction "works" for all people. It doesn't exactly have a great track record. Some people don't respond well to so many restrictions. That's just the facts. What you could say is that these restrictions are in place because we as humans have the ability to overcome our desires and live in the proper way.

Editor's Comment

Rabbi Freeman is saying that while teen-age pregnancy and affairs have reached epidemic proportions in Western civilization, the Torah-observant Jewish community -- which maintains these restrictions -- has remained relatively immune to these problems.


Posted by: Jennie, Clearwater, Fl on Aug 27, 2006

Just look at society today, our "way" of dating dosen't work. Look at how many marriages end up in divorce. Look at the morals of the average teenager. Religious Jews obviously did something right, just maybe not everything.


Posted by: danielle, berlin, germany on Jan 17, 2007

i think jennie u are right!!! I mean i see all my friends who are ,,experiencing life'' as they say and i see how disappointed they are when they break up with their boyfriends, and then i look at myself and i say: wow I'm so happy to be jewish and to be a religious person who doesn't have those problems = )