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When were the angels created?

by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg


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The Midrash brings two opinions as to the date when the angels were created:

One opinion maintains that the angels were created on the second day of creation. If you look in the story of creation (Genesis 1), you will notice that after the first day it says, "It was evening it was day, Day One." After the second day it says, "It was evening it was day, the second day." After the third day it says, "It was evening it was day, the third day." The obvious question is that after the 1st day it should have said, "It was evening it was day, the first day"? Why does it say "Day One"? From this it can be inferred that on the 1st day G-d was "One," for all His helpers, the angels, were created on the second day. While you might be thinking, "Big deal, so the Torah uses a different term, who says it contains any significance?" This would be true if the Torah was of human authorship. However, a manuscript which was dictated by G-d is exact, and every seemingly extra, missing, or changed word has loads of significance.

The second opinion is that the angels were created on the fifth day, together with their flying counterparts -- the birds. 


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