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Did G-d create evil?


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Rabbi Gurkow: Welcome to the Rabbi's one on one chat room, how can I help you today?

Floreen: did god create evil?

Floreen: is there anything in the Torah that talks about the creation of evil?

Rabbi Gurkow: I will try to answer your question

Floreen: thank you

Rabbi Gurkow: the Kabbalah and Chassidut explain that the origin of evil is goodness

Rabbi Gurkow: and that G-d created evil so that it would tempt man and thereby promp him to overcome the temptation thereby bring out qualities in him that would otherwise not be accessible

Floreen: so evil is a feeling

Rabbi Gurkow: it is a sipitual force that drives man

Floreen: are there any examples in the torah

Rabbi Gurkow: examples of people who have committed evil acts?

Rabbi Gurkow: of course there are plenty of those

Floreen: examples of the temptation, are there any examples i can explore

Rabbi Gurkow: the first story in the torah is the temptation of the foredidden fruit

Floreen: i see

Rabbi Gurkow: in that story the serpent is the personification of the evil inclination within us and the forbidden status of the fruit is the temptation

Rabbi Gurkow: now it is up to Adam and eve to rise to the occasion or plummet to the valley floor... and they plummetted

Floreen: but then how can evil be a goodness if it destroyed eden

Rabbi Gurkow: it, in and of itself is not good, but it can serve a good purpose when and if mankind overcomes the temptation to succumb to its allure

Floreen: was this first act of evil its creation

Rabbi Gurkow: no the creation of evil came with G-d's decision to couch certain spiritual forces in evil guises

Floreen: so by killing and making destruction we will be creating good by breaking the lure

Floreen: is evil a form of lesson

Rabbi Gurkow: no, no :)

Rabbi Gurkow: by killing and destroying we make evil

Rabbi Gurkow: by overcoming the urge to kill and destroy we force the evil inclination to serve a very good purpose

Floreen: are we born with these urges

Rabbi Gurkow: we are born with such inclinations

Rabbi Gurkow: and we have it wihtin our power to rein in these inclinations and be good

Floreen: ok

Floreen: if we all have these urges what seperates use from the hitlers and the evil tyrants of the world

Rabbi Gurkow: you have not acted on your evil impulses

Rabbi Gurkow: but I dont agree that we are all born evil, we are all born with the capacity for evil

Floreen: oh

Rabbi Gurkow: but then again we are also all born with the capacity for doing good

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