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Are there still prophets today?

by Mrs. Dinka Kumer


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The Jewish people are not a non-prophet organization.

Since the greatest Jewish prophet of all time – Moses – Judaism has hinged greatly upon the words of our prophets and prophetesses. Prophecy is G-d’s revelation to us via a person whose mind and speech is united with Him. Prophecy can be a celestial vision meant for the recipient’s “enjoyment,” but is primarily a Divine message to be verbally conveyed to others.

The Torah commandment to heed the words of a prophet1  is binding today, as much as ever!

Though it’s written2  that “Since the passing of the last prophets, Haggai, Zachariah and Malachi, Divine inspiration departed from Israel,” this only refers the end of the “Era of Prophets” and not the cessation of prophecy ad infinitum. In fact, the later Sages discuss people having Divine revelation following the Era of Prophets (mentioning some of the fortunate few by name3), albeit in a significantly less prevalent measure and often lower level of prophetic vision. The close of the Era of Prophets reflected a spiritual descent in the world, one in which people were generally no longer befitting of prophecy. However, despite this spiritually impoverished state of reality, a person could and still can receive G-d’s prophecy.4

The Torah commandment to heed the words of a prophet is binding today, as much as ever
Every generation has a single prophetic leader, and may also have additional 'lesser' prophets. The ultimate leader who is also a prophet of very high caliber will be Moshiach,5 who will usher us into the era of the redemption with his prophecies. As this long awaited era of Divine revelation rapidly approaches – and to prepare for it – prophecy will increase.6 Maimonides, one of Judaism’s greatest Halachic and philosophic minds, writes that preceding Moshiach’s arrival, prophecy will become more widespread—and the time he talks about is now.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, a leader possessing rare wisdom and foresight, is also famed for his actual prophetic statements. Perhaps the most well known of these sayings – one which he asked his followers to publicize amongst all members of the human race – is, "Behold, Moshiach is coming" and "Immediately to the Redemption.” This is not the Lubavitcher Rebbe's hopeful suggestion to us. It is a prophecy from G-d that at any moment Moshiach will, in fact, arrive.7

So, as we stand at the doorstep of the redemption, may we see the prophet industry continue to rapidly grow.


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  • 4. The fact that in listing the requirements to be a prophet, Maimonides does not mention the impossibility of such a phenomenon in our post "Era of Prophets" time, indicates it is quite possible. In addition to this, he says that once criteria are met, Divine Inspiration may "immediately" come to the person.
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many false prophets exist too !

Posted by: mark alcock, Durban, KZN, SA on Dec 10, 2006

How do we test the authenticity of the wannabee prophets ? How accurate are the rare prophets ? How do we recognise them ? Are they (their gift and purpose ) for all our benefit & sake's rather than a few individuals ? When does a prophet truly know he is a prophet ? Bearing in mind too , no prophet is a prophet in his own home.

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