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Is it permitted to cook on Yom Tov (biblical holidays)?
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When is Moshiach going to come?


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Rabbi Wagner: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment...

gonemad07: when is Moshiach going to come?

Rabbi Wagner: Today

gonemad07: why do you say that?

Rabbi Wagner: The Talmud relates the story of the great Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi's meeting with Moshiach

Rabbi Wagner: He asked him when he would come

Rabbi Wagner: and moshiach responded "today"

Rabbi Wagner: some time later Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi met Elijah the Prophet and asked him why Moshiach lied to him

Rabbi Wagner: he said "he was quoting a verse:

Rabbi Wagner: "Today, if you will but hearken to His voice"1

gonemad07: thanks

Rabbi Wagner: no problem

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  • 1. Psalms 95:7.


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Philosophy » Messiah

The Messiah. Moshiach is the person who will usher in an era of peace and tranquility for all of humanity when there will be no jealousy or hate, wars or famine. This is a fundamental Jewish belief.
Usually referring to the Babylonian edition, it is a compilation of Rabbinic law, commentary and analysis compiled over a 600 year period (200 BCE - 427 CE). Talmudic verse serves as the bedrock of all classic and modern-day Torah-Jewish literature.
A legendary prophet who lived in the 8th century BCE, and saved the Jewish religion from being corrupted by the pagan worship of Baal. He never died, he was taken to heaven alive. According to Jewish tradition, he visits every circumcision and every Passover Seder table.
1. Name of Patriarch Jacob's third son. 2. A Levite -- a Jew who is a patrilineal descendant of Levi. Levites had special duties in the Holy Temple, and are still accorded special respect.