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Why do we need Moshiach; can't we do it alone?



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Everyone knows that Moshiach will make the world safe and peaceful. But do we need moshiach for that? Can't humanity solve its own problems? Many speak of improvement, mankind gradually getting better and better until they reach what they call the messianic era, a time of universal tranquility, without that individual human being called moshiach. What's wrong with that?

Science learns from its mistakes and doesn't repeat them -- knowledge is cumulative. A sophomore physics student knows more physics than Isaac Newton. How does that kid do it? We see further because we stand on the shoulders of giants.

But while this holds true in medicine and chemistry, in astronomy, and in almost every sphere of knowledge -- human beings haven't changed one iota since Cain killed his brother Abel. The crimes of antiquity are the crimes of the morning newspaper. Because human nature hasn't changed, it doesn't change. Every baby starts at square one, no matter how brilliant and wonderful the parents are.

As long as human beings are what they are, there will be quarrels among neighbor, and wars among nations
As long as human beings are what they are, there will be quarrels among neighbor, and wars among nations. Every one of us has a struggle inside whether to be generous our not, to be honest or deceitful, to be considerate of selfish.

(To be sure, we can, we must, and we do (to some extent), change ourselves. But Moshiach will change the need to change. Now life is a constant struggle between good and evil, right and wrong; when Moshiach comes good will be a given).

Only Moshiach can bring about the (permanent) change, because Moshiach will transform human nature, and that alone will eliminate warfare and disputes, dog-eat-dog competition.

Man's destiny -- Torah teaches us -- is not to be doomed to facing an endless stream of Hitlers in every generation. There is a limit, a limit in time. Our generation, which has experience the most cruel, will experience the most wonderful - a change in human nature.

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Torah is G–d’s teaching to man. In general terms, we refer to the Five Books of Moses as “The Torah.” But in truth, all Jewish beliefs and laws are part of the Torah.
The Messiah. Moshiach is the person who will usher in an era of peace and tranquility for all of humanity when there will be no jealousy or hate, wars or famine. This is a fundamental Jewish belief.
Second of the three Jewish Patriarchs, son of Abraham and Sarah. Lived in Canaan (Israel); b. 1712 BCE, d. 1532 BCE.
Second son of Adam and Eve, born on the Sixth day of Creation. Murdered by his older brother Cain.
Eldest son of Adam and Eve, born on the sixth day of creation. When his brother Abel's sacrificial offering was accepted in place of his own, he killed him. He was exiled for this deed.