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Is my dream telling me my future?

by Rabbi Shlomo Chein


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I had a dream where I met a man who was my beloved and in the dream I asked him who are you and he took me to where he grew up, and it was right next to my house--which seemed to mean I am just like you.  I thought that the dream was prophetic since I met a guy the very next day. In Judaism how do you know if a dream or a sign is prophetic or just random? Thanks, Laila


The Jewish notion of the average dream of the average person is that it is usually not prophetic. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of dreams don't have messages for us; rather we have messages for our dreams!

When we long for something or think about something we create a "script" for our dreams, and when we sleep the dream plays with that script creating a story (usually a drastically fictitious version) based on our original message.

If you long for love, a soul mate, and think about it often enough, you will dream about it.

Occasionally a dream might contain a bit of truth or prophetic vision in it, and even then it really depends on how we interpret it1 . So again, it is up to us, and not the dream.

My advice to you would therefore be, forget the dream; this is life, and this is a major decision!

If it makes sense for you to marry him on practical levels, marry him, and in the future you will tell cute stories about "the dream".

However, if you let the dream play any role in convincing you that he is your soul mate, it might turn out to be a nightmare.


  • 1. Talmud tractate Brachot 55b


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