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How do we know what our mission in life is?


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Rabbi Eliezer G: Welcome to the Rabbi's one on one chat room, how can I help you today?

courtney89: how do we know what our mission in life is?

Rabbi Eliezer G: it is true that we each have a particular mission that is unique to us and that no one else can fulfill

Rabbi Eliezer G: but unless we have some form of prophecy or Divine inspiration we cannot know for certain what our mission is

Rabbi Eliezer G: the thing to do then is to walk before G-d with a wholesome heart and serve him with all our might

Rabbi Eliezer G: to conduct ourselves in accordance with the general mission given the nation of Israel

Rabbi Eliezer G: and to seek out every opportunity in life to serve G-d

Rabbi Eliezer G: this means that when we find ourselves in a particular location or in a particular circumstance or in the friendship of a particular person we must always assume that we were led to this position by Hashem for a purpose that is useful to Him

Rabbi Eliezer G: and we must therefore reflect on how we might utilize this sitiuation for the cause of G-d, Torah and Judaism

Rabbi Eliezer G: if we succeed in our efforts then we know that we haved fulfilled at least part of the specific mission given to us

Rabbi Eliezer G: because in that situation we happened to be perfectly positioned to fulfill that mission and no one else was equally positioned

Rabbi Eliezer G: this gives us a slight idea of our personal mission though it does not reveal it in entirety

Rabbi Eliezer G: only a great Tzadik, who is graced with Divine Inspiration and clearvoiance is able to tell us the full scope of our personal mission

Rabbi Eliezer G: I hope this answers your question

courtney89: Thanks for answering my question Rabbi.

Rabbi Eliezer G: your welcome

Rabbi Eliezer G: Thank you for visiting Ask Moses today and I invite you to come back at any time

courtney89: Have a great Day!

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