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If I eat two foods which require the same beracha, do I say the blessing once or twice?


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Mrs. Rivky Kaplan: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment...what's your question?

Texas: If two foods require the same berachah, like shehakol, do I say shehakol once or twice? Example: Yogurt and carrot/celery juice.

Mrs. Rivky Kaplan: once.

Texas: Then boray nefashot [ed. note: the blessing recited after most non-grain foods]?

Mrs. Rivky Kaplan: yes.

Texas: What about V8-Tomato juice?

Mrs. Rivky Kaplan: it is shehakol.

Texas: Why not Hoadomah [blessing recited on vegetables]?:-C

Mrs. Rivky Kaplan: bc it is a liquid.

Texas: Thank you.

[Wine and grape juice are an exception to this rule -- although they are liquid, the blessing recited over them is Hagafen.] 

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