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Is there any significance to the four species, besides the unity thing?
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How do I wash Mayim Acharonim?

by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg


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– Water is poured once on the fingers of each hand. The waters should reach at least the second joint of the fingers (the joint closest to the knuckles) – for that is the area which becomes dirtiest during the meal. The fingers should be pointed (slightly) downwards during the washing.

– Chabad custom is to wipe the lips of the mouth with the still-moist fingers.

– Birkat Hamazon should immediately follow Mayim Acharonim, without any interruption. It is, however, permitted to utter two or three words between Mayim Acharonim and Birkat Hamazon.

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Chabad, an acronym for Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding, is the name of a Chassidic Group founded in the 1770s. Two of the most fundamental teachings of Chabad are the intellectual pursuit of understanding the divine and the willingness to help every Jew who has a spiritual or material need.
Birkat Hamazon
Grace after Meals. A Biblically mandated prayer, consisting of four blessings, recited after eating more than an ounce of bread.