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Should I recite a blessing on a drink that is taken to swallow a pill?


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Rabbi Silberberg: Welcome to Askmoses! How can I help you?

Clarissa: I'm taking medication for heartburn and I have to take a drink together with the pill. Do I have to recite a brachah on this drink?

Rabbi Silberberg: I don't mean to get personal... but what kind of beverage do you imbibe with your medication?

Clarissa: Usually milk. The calcium helps me too :)

Rabbi Silberberg: Then you have to recite a brachah. The only beverage which doesn't require a brachah in such a circumstance is plain water. All other drinks require a brachah, because even if your intention is only to swallow the pill, you still receive pleasure from the taste of the drink.

Rabbi Silberberg: Incidentally, the same rule applies if you want to take a drink because you have something caught in your throat.

Clarissa: Ok, got you. So should I say the brachah before I pop the pill in my mouth?

Rabbi Silberberg: Here's what you do: First say the blessing and drink a little milk, and then put the pill in your mouth and drink it down. This way there will be no interruption between the blessing and the drinking.

Clarissa: Thank you. That was very informative.

Rabbi Silberberg: Anything else I can help you with?

Clarissa: No, I'm fine now.

Rabbi Silberberg: Have a good night, and feel better.

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