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Why does an infinite G-d spend his time "playing world"?

by Rabbi Eyal Ravnoy


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You inadvertently answered your own question—how much energy do you suppose an infinite G-d must invest in following and paying attention to all the details in this limited universe? That's right: none! If you had in infinite intelligence, you would be able to know everything. So too with G-d. Since He is unlimited, He can know everything all at once with no effort whatsoever.

To make things clearer, let me give you an analogy: An inventor creates a complex machine, which contains myriad details. An onlooker passes by, is intrigued, and asks the inventor to explain how it works. So the inventor happily starts talking—and talking, and talking… After an hour, the onlooker, confused more than ever, leaves the scene, not understanding a thing about the machine.

But now look at it from the inventor’s point of view. He knows all the details not by observing the machine or listening to a lecture, but due to the fact that he himself invented it. All the details are in his mind.

The same applies to G-d. G-d doesn’t need to observe and follow all the details of His creation, precisely because it is just that—His creation. He knows all the details in His infinite Mind because He “invented” it.

Now the question is: WHY did G-d create the world? Search on...


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