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May I enter a church in order to vote?


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Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: can I help you?:)

me: Just a quick question

me: I recently moved to a new location and updated my voting registration.

me: In my new voting district, voting takes place at a church.

me: Is there a Halachic problem with going into a church only to vote?

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: does it take place in the sanctuary itself?

voter: i don't know....i dout it

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: there is no issue with you entering in order to vote as long as it isn't in the sanctuary **

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer: and i'm pretty sure that the voting is always done in a side room

voter: Many thanks! I hope you have a great day

** Please note, in all areas of Halacha, Jewish law, please consult with your local orthodox Rabbi as there may be different opinions or customs.

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Pertaining to Jewish Law.
Jewish Law. All halacha which is applicable today is found in the Code of Jewish Law.