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Pet Afterlife

by Rabbi Shlomo Chein


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My dog, who was a part of my life since my 9th birthday, has just died. He was sixteen years old and he brought so much happiness to my family. I am so sad but I thank G-d for all those years of happiness we had together. What happens to his soul now? Who’s taking care of him?


I am sorry to hear about your loss, and at the same time I am very impressed with your positive attitude and memories of the past.

A soul is a spiritual force/energy that sustains the body. When it departs the body it goes back to its original source of spiritual energy. Thus after death the totality of the animal is at rest, as the body lies in peace, and the soul is reunited with its source.

You can continue his good effects by keeping the family happy and bringing happiness to others. You can also pray for the day when Moshiach will come and the “wolf will lay with lamb” – all animals, and all people, will get along in peace and harmony.


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The Messiah. Moshiach is the person who will usher in an era of peace and tranquility for all of humanity when there will be no jealousy or hate, wars or famine. This is a fundamental Jewish belief.
It is forbidden to erase or deface the name of G-d. It is therefore customary to insert a dash in middle of G-d's name, allowing us to erase or discard the paper it is written on if necessary.