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Is there an obligation to sit Shivah if one is belatedly informed about a death in the family?
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Letters on Jewish headstones and monuments


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Rabbi Yossi T: Bienvenidos Welcome. Un minuto ya lo atiendo. I'll be with you in a moment...

question: Hi there! I have noticed that most Jewish monuments have Hebrew letters 'pei'

Rabbi Yossi T: hi

Rabbi Yossi T: actually it's 'pei' and 'nun'

Rabbi Yossi T: which are initials for the words 'poh nitman' ['here is buried' Ed.]

question: and what do letters 'taf',  'nun', 'tzaddi', 'bet' and 'hei' stand for?

question: on the bottome of the monument

Rabbi Yossi T: 'tihyeh nafsho tzrurah betzarur hachaim'

vlipkin: can you translat that please?

Rabbi Yossi T: 'May his/her soul be bound up with the Source of life'

question: is this something that all of the jewish monuments should have inscribed on?

Rabbi Yossi T: not an obligation, it's a custom

question: strong custom or very optional?

Rabbi Yossi T: optional

question: thank you very much Rabbi -:)

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