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Mrs. Olidort, do you like to sit in a different room when praying?

by Mrs. Baila Olidort


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Different? You mean a partition?

I'm not bothered at all by that. My prayers are between myself and G-d, and I don't need recognition from the men to validate my prayers. I cannot get called to the Torah, and honestly, I have no yearning for that. Yes, it's a form of prayer, it is a ritual, but, as with others, some are designed for men, others for women. It is not bothersome to know that only men get to do it--should they be bothered that there are certain privileges, or mitzvahs that are exclusive to women?

...should men be bothered that there are certain privileges, or mitzvahs that are exclusive to women?
I think all of this "wanting-to-do-what-the-other-has" is just a symptom of real confusion...

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Seperate rooms to pray

Posted by: Kristen, Brooklyn, NY on Apr 14, 2005

And all this time I thought it was the men sitting in a "different" room . . . hmmmm. i thought they were wondering why they couldnt sit with us? interesting . . . .

Editor's Comment

I'm not so sure you're wrong about that...

Seperate room for prayer

Posted by: Anonymous, Pensacola, FL on Feb 03, 2006

Hello. I have a spare bed room that I have given God. It is call my prayer room, I pray & do my bible study in there away from all the noise in & around the house. I need to stay focused when I'm in prayer. So I needed that room away from T.V., & everything else. So I could give God 100% of my mind, body, spirit. Thank you.


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