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At what point during the prayers can I insert a private prayer?

by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg


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The first and last three blessings of the Amidah offer praise and thanksgiving to G-d. The middle thirteen, are devoted to all our requests.

The following list (of the middle thirteen) describes the main point of each of these blessings:

4. Knowledge and intelligence.

5. Awaken us to repent.

6. Atonement.

7. Redemption.

8. Cures for our illnesses.

9. Livelihood.

10. Ingathering of the Diaspora.

11. Return of Jewish courts and justice.

12. Elimination of evil.

13. Support and reward the righteous.

14. Rebuilding Jerusalem.

15. Restore the royal Davidic House.

16. General request for G-d to hearken to our prayers.

Find the blessing which is closest to the nature of your request, and insert your private prayer. If your request doesn't match any of the above blessings, you can always add it to blessing #16.


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Mitzvot » Prayer » Laws and Customs

Highlight of every prayer, recited silently while standing. Weekday Amidah consists of nineteen blessings, Sabbath and holiday Amidah contains seven blessings.
Established by King David to be the eternal capital of Israel. Both Temples were built there, and the third Temple will be situated there when the Messiah comes.
It is forbidden to erase or deface the name of G-d. It is therefore customary to insert a dash in middle of G-d's name, allowing us to erase or discard the paper it is written on if necessary.