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Me, myself and You

by Dr. Jay Litvin


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Who are You?

Yes, yes, I know You are omnipotent and omnipresent. But that doesn’t help me. That doesn’t answer my question.

In our continuing relationship, it’s come to the point where I really need to know.

When I pray to You, where do I find You? Where exactly are You?

Let’s be perfectly honest. You haven’t answered all my prayers. You haven’t come through on some of the most important areas of my life.

Don’t get me wrong. There is a lot of good happening in my life, and I see Your hand in much, if not all, of it. So let me stop right here and say, “Thank You.” Really. I mean it.

But, there are some biggies out there where I can’t, but need, to see Your goodness. And soon.

When I pray to You, where do I find You? Where exactly are You?
In other words, I need You to answer my prayers.


And so one night, lying in bed in this frame of mind, I began to ask: Who are You? Who exactly am I praying to? Who is not answering my prayers?

Sometimes I pray and it’s like You are across the table from me. It’s just me and You. You’re listening. I’m speaking. You’re nodding, but making no commitments. Yet I feel that if I can be urgent enough, convincing enough, desperate enough, You will answer my prayers. Maybe not right now. But soon. Tomorrow maybe, when I wake up. Maybe the next day. But soon.

Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine a point inside my head and focus all my concentration and pray to this point. My attention is like the wide end of a cone and I try to focus and compress all of who I am to the narrow point where I imagine You reside. Are You there?

Really, it’s not that I think You are exactly there, but rather that if I concentrate my being into this point with no distractions, my prayers will reach You better, and You will listen more attentively because of the sincerity of my thoughts, because of my desperation, my desire and my passion. Is this true?

This questioning went on for many nights. Instead of asking for what I wanted, instead of offering my thanks or my complaints, I simply continued to ask: Who are You? Where do You live? How much space do You fill up?


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Posted by: Jon, Burton, MI on Mar 28, 2006

That was beautiful. Thankyou for sharing..


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